WPinfy Review — Simplify WordPress Management without performance headache
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WPinfy Review — Simplify WordPress Management without performance headache

Although general WordPress hosting has its fair share of performance hacks, you can go a step further using WPinfy, that makes managing your content seamless and comes with-depth performance tweaks.
WPinfy Review — Simplify WordPress Management without performance headache

WordPress services offer a free management system for open-source content. It is generally written in PHP and also works non conduction with MySQL or Maria DB database. This content management system was developed by WordPress Foundation and was made publicly available 17 years ago on May 27, 2003.

It allows a range of operations to facilitate bloggers and other online content-related entities though its content management framework. However, usability is limited to Windows, Linux and Unix-like operating systems.

WordPress delivers a large shopping bag o features such as plugin architecture, a template system, blog publishing system and further evolved into facilitating other web content such as mailing lists, forums, media galleries, LMS and even online stores.

Moreover, WordPress can be handled by third party management software to enhance its performance and mitigate the underlying issues. WordPress has definitely evolved into an online hosting services but what is the point of being jacked of all trades and master of none? This is where other content management systems help regulate WordPress performance for a decent fee.

Managed Hosting vs. Shared hosting

WPinfy Review

People usually compare managed hosting and shared hosting as the same thing. However, they are completely different in how they operate. Shared hosting is when you have a lot of websites or a lot of customers on one server.

This means that your website is on the same server as your competitors, your partners, or anybody that has a website on the internet. You can go to godaddy.com or mediatemple.com or any other liquid web to get a shared host.

Shared hosting is usually inexpensive as you are renting a space with many other websites under one roof. However, there are some vulnerabilities to that. If something happens to a WordPress site, you are subject to that same issues such as slow load times due to slow servers, security breach on the serve; which means that if one sites on a server gets hacked, your site is likely to get hacked too. You are also subject to technical issues if the server is down, even if your site did nothing wrong.

On the flip side, managed hosting is when you have a server or a host that actually manages the maintenance of your website. Technically, managed hosts will offer you support for the entire stack. For example, if you have a problem with the theme or plugin or any other problem in your site, they will help you troubleshoot the problem rather than asking you go to the theme developer or going to the plugin developer. Therefore, a managed host is a support team for you for a subscription.

However, a managed host can be on a shared server, but they are separated by a software on the shared server from other customers. It is like you are on the First-Class seat on an airplane, but you also share the plane with economy class travelers and are also headed towards the same destination. You are being offered premium facilities and instant response from the flight crew in the slightest discomfort where economy travelers have to manage themselves most of the time.

There are private servers, that run your data only. But then again there are cloud servers where the content is delivered to you the fastest from the closest server cluster in your area which also mean that it is redundant. This means that your site is on multiple servers and in multiple locations. This is exactly what WPinfy offers.

This is why WordPress content handled by WPinfy guarantees you the best security, the fastest load times and a safe means to be on multiple servers, should a server fail to deliver due to technical issues.

What WPinfy Offers

WPinfy is a cloud-based infrastructure that manages your WordPress content. There are a lot of other services similar to those of WPinfy but there are some key features that sets it apart:

  • Multiple PHP versions to meet your preferences
  • Free SSL
  • Secured backup facilities
  • Constant uptime monitoring
  • Image optimization powered by Bunny Optimizer
  • Theme and Plugin management

So when you sign up for WPinfy this is a list of offers that will get you excited and also give you the sense of security and reliability you will need to smooth running of your WordPress site.

  • It is managed by Amazon Web Services that provides the leading and the most dynamic on-demand cloud computing platforms money can buy.
  • WPinfy offers you 24×7 support instead of chatbots and support tickets
  • Scalable technology enables smooth lead times and faster response and it does not matter if you have 50k or 50M viewers, WPinfy can handle it.
  • WPinfy is built to repel security breaches and reconcile the worst viral or security threats.
  • Powered by BunnyCDN, you are given access to Global CDN

WordPress has over 60 million websites with more than 33.6% of them being the top 10 million websites as of April 2019. Handling so many websites at a time by a single services provider is no joke. It is literally impossible to handle so many at ones.

This is where third-party content management software comes to the rescue such as WPinfy. Be ensured that WordPress hosting can be made faster, safer, up-to-date, give a comprehensive dashboard, and can be made scalable with better uptime with WPinfy.

Bottom Line

So, this is why you cannot compare a managed host with a shared host because you can have a managed host in a shared server. There is no particular rationale that get defines Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting as the same thing.

So, if you want powerful content management, analytics, resource monitoring and more, then register with WPinfy. Why wouldn’t you want to see all of your important metrics such as visitors, errors, bandwidth, security issues and storage updates more directly from the WPinfy dashboard. WPinfy analytics panel is your perfect go to for the best statistics on your WordPress site.

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