Wp Landing Kit Review Get Unlimited Websites Without Wp Multisites

WP Landing Kit Review: Get unlimited websites without WP Multisites

Did you get frustrated with WordPress Multisites which is too complicated and seems be out of your control for mangaging multi domain sites?

Well, time to try the WP Landing Kit, a standalone WordPress but can map unlimited domain sites as you wish like the WordPress Multisites. Let free up your hosting resources and saving a ton of money for premium plugin agency license such as Elementor Pro, YoastSEO Pro or WP-Rocket.

WP Landing Kit evenly can generate unlimited complete mini sites with its subpages feature. You not only map a domain but also multi pages with full SSL cert support.

The plugin is developed constantly since first launch and the price is increased 2 times and unfornutely no hope for asking any discount code from the founder.

Maybe it’s the last chance to get WP Landing Kit LTD. I’m not sure how long is the deal last. They can end the deal at anytime from now.

I know some of plugins out there has same same features to WP Landing Kit, but trust me this will not compare to, especially the development.

The founder is working on the public roadmap and he revealed some next idea features update:

  • PHP API (v1.2). Many of you are interested in using Landing Kit with front-end forms which would make it easy for users of membership or subscription-based sites to create and map their own domains to a specific resource.
  • Dynamic subpage support (v1.3). Dynamic subpage support will extend the subpage functionality we just released in 1.1 by ✨ automagically ✨ supporting all subpages/posts of any single page/post mapped to a custom domain.
  • More integrated WooCommerce support (v1.4). It’s pretty clear at this point many of you are using Landing Kit to create simple marketing pages or funnels for products/services powered by WooCommerce. We’re considering deeper integration with WooCommerce that would make your life even easier.

Get and enjoy it here: https://bit.ly/2Kid6Gh
Kindly thanks for purchasing it via my aff link. Wish you all the best!

P/S: For anyone who using ServerAvatar, GridPane, Runcloud or WPinfy, WP Landing Kit will run sweatly and perfectly for sure. Other hostings, you need to check at Alias domain available or not before purchasing this deal.