Word Pigeon Review - Well handle export to WordPress from Google Docs
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Word Pigeon Review - Well handle export to WordPress from Google Docs

If you’re looking for a suitable platform for WordPress sites, we’re here with a solution for you!
Word Pigeon Review - Well handle export to WordPress from Google Docs

Content marketing has flourished over the years. As more and more companies starting from small business entrepreneurs to large brands have jumped into the wagon of attracting prospects and transforming them into potential clients using content marketing. E-commerce is not a big platform and people have started to rely largely on product reviews and blog posts.

As result content writers, bloggers, affiliate website owners, digital marketing teams and editors are having to work hard to create appealing and persuasive content for customers. Heavy research followed by brainstorming, outlining, free-writing and mind mapping is needed.

Content creators need to work very fast and effectively. But once the work is done, copy-pasting it from Google Docs to WordPress takes a lot of time. The effort needed to resize, correct the picture color, reformatting word size and spacing is highly painstaking. Plugins are lifesavers for content creators.

They help you save time, energy and helps you boost your stamina for working on the next project. For all those who have experienced this troublesome situation and wishes to be rescued, for them Word Pigeon is an amazing and highly convenient solution.

What is Word Pigeon?

Word pigeon is a plugin for WordPress site. It helps to export all your documents including pictures, tables with bullet points, and graphs from your Google documents to your WordPress site in the exact quality, format, spacing, and front. Just as you sync all your data, contacts, images, and others using Gmail from one device to another, Word pigeon plugin does the same job.

The plugin helps to sync all the composed content and photos from Google Docs and post it in your WordPress site; all of this done by the help of a single click. Word pigeon does not need additional coding nor does it require any changes to be made in your WordPress theme.

Word pigeon also helps to integrate documents and content across numerous platforms. The current plugins available for content creators are: Word pigeon plugins for WordPress, plugins for Canva, Media folder, File downloads, Bloggers, Word pigeon team display plugin, and plugin for Simple: Press forum. Word pigeon helps content creators, affiliate writer, editors with an easy solution, and offers them enough time to concentrate on other work.

How Does Word Pigeon Work?

It takes roughly 10 minutes to install the Word Pigeon plugin and link your WordPress account with Word Pigeon. The entire process is easy and very simple. The steps on how to link Word Pigeon plugin with your Word press site has been given below:-

  • Word pigeon is very easy to activate and use. At first, you link your Gmail account with Word Pigeon. This is done so that you can easily transfer your content.
  • Next, you will need to link your WordPress account with Word pigeon.
  • Then you need to download the plugin ‘Word Pigeon’. To do that you need to go to WordPress’s website and click on the dashboard.
  • There you will find the plugin option, click on it and type “Word Pigeon’ on search. Then you will have to press install.
  • After that you will find the ‘Settings’ option on the dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ and you will find an option called ‘Word Pigeon Option’. After you click on it, you will soon be directed to a web page that contains the API public key.
  • Then you will have to go the word Pigeon main page, choose your WordPress site and connect it with the WordPress domain.
  • Soon you will see your WordPress Site has been added to Word Pigeon and linked. After getting connected you will receive your API key. Then copy this API key on your WordPress site.
  • This completes your work. What remains is that you either have to add a folder named “Word Pigeon” in Google doc or Word pigeon will do it for you automatically.

Thus, when you write new content in your Google doc the exact same writing including the same front, images and size will be uploaded simultaneously in your Word Pigeon account. After it gets uploaded you can re-write, edit and modify again in Word Pigeon’s dashboard if you need to. After you are done you can click on publish on Word Pigeon and it will directly publish your content in your WordPress site.

Why Use Word Pigeon?

You will find other accounts and plugins need to be bought at a handsome price. Plugins are options that help to ease your work, but some plugins are quite costly and range from $200 to $600. Word Pigeon plugin is less expensive compared to those. It has a range of prices including other benefits.

Firstly you will be given a free trial package option for one month and you will be allowed to post 5 posts directly from Google Docs to WordPress. After a while, you need to choose a package. Word Pigeon offers 3 packages: Falcon 2, Condor 2 and Phoenix 2.

For Falcon 2 package you will have to pay $17.99 monthly, 2 other persons (members from your team) can get their access to the account and use this Word Pigeon plugin to publish unlimited content to 5 different websites.

The Condor 2 package cots $37.99 monthly and allows 10 members including you to post unlimited content on 15 different sites, and lastly, the Phoenix package which costs $99.00 monthly allows access to unlimited users to post unlimited content on unlimited sites. This system makes Word Pigeon very efficient and cost-effective. You can easily divide the amount within yourselves. It’s as simple as Netflix’s monthly subscriptions.

Bottom Line

Word pigeon is a very efficient plugin for content creators. If you are still wondering is Word Pigeon would save your time, we would recommend you try it out and give it a shot. If WordPress is your main media and platform for publishing content Word Pigeon would be the most ideal plugin for you and your team. It is very easy to understand, use, and work with.

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