StatsGlitch Review - Your Analytics Guru
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StatsGlitch Review - Your Analytics Guru

Upgrade the experience of monitoring your business analytics by using the StatsGlitch real-time monitoring tool. Take your business to the next level.
StatsGlitch Review - Your Analytics Guru

The success of Online Business depends on the Marketing strategies they follow to grow their business. This is where Google Analytics helps marketers to identify the effectiveness of the marketing strategies they are using.

But, checking the analytics metrics regularly seems like somewhat time taking. Still, you can’t deny it because your business needs information about your current and previous marketing strategies to improve the future ones.

According to a most famous quote by Einstein,

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities.”

The same goes for this scenario.

To help you monitor the essential metrics of Google Analytics with less time consumption, Marketers have designed an extremely powerful software, named StatsGlitch. This software gives you full control and updates about all essential metrics to track your marketing strategies’ performance.

In this review, you will find out the details about this super fantastic tool designed to help you keep track of your performances.

Let’s dig deeper and learn about it more.

What’s Unique in StatsGlitch?

If you are a Marketer Specialist of a Top rated Company or an Online Entrepreneur, the most common question that comes in your mind is what benefit you will get by StatsGlitch. It comes with extremely versatile features to give you multiple benefits and permits you to show your full potential.

Unlike Google Analytics, its features aren’t limited to the Alerts, Free Version, and Basic Reports. It comes with many other features that make the process of monitoring more quick and handy for you. Such as

1. Real-time Alert

Google Analytics Real-Time Alerts is an excellent rocking feature that makes the process of monitoring handy for you. Real-Time Alerts allows you to take quick actions of the results of your every move. This way, you won’t regret any strategy in your marketing journey.

Real-Time Alerts will notify you about each and everything happening to your online business, fastly. This way, you can fix many things as fast as possible. If you face something that you don’t even expect that may lead to a loss in your business, you can fix those things on time.

Moreover, you will instantly get notified about every conversion you get in your online business. In a nutshell, it is a jackpot of a super fantastic feature that will help you in becoming a real-time data analysis expert.

2. Integration with Business Apps

When it comes to working remotely to run a business with the help of the fantastic and talented team of individuals worldwide, Business Apps help a lot. In this drastically changing world, we all are aware of the importance of Business Apps. With these apps’ help, you can communicate, share, and exchange your views with your team simply and easily.

StatsGlitch comes with the integration of business apps. This feature is designed for remote workers with the help of which you can share the analytics details with your teammates and permits you to combine your data with other sources.

Moreover, you will be able to react to every business alert or change in real-time in addition to data storage. With the help of data storage, you will be able to analyze and interpret it later.

Stats Glitch gives you the versatility of integration with Slack and Zappier.

3. Webhooks

Webhook is a way to connect two different apps. This helps in getting notifications that will help in real-time monitoring. When the trigger application gets any notification it will navigate through the webhooks to all connected apps.

When it comes to real-time monitoring, notifications help a lot take actions on all updates in real-time. That’s why this comes with webhooks to permit you to connect different apps for the project monitoring.

4. Custom Email Alert

Custom Email Alerts are another great feature that helps you in real-time monitoring. Whenever a change occurs in your analytics report, whether it could be any lead or conversion, you will get an email directly in your inbox, notifying you about the situation or news.

This way, if you encounter any drawback or any mishappening, you will rectify it right away. This makes you free from continuously checking and monitoring your analytics dashboard and saves your time.

Moreover, you will get a detailed report about your business insights to look for any change that you made with a message about your business’s traffic.

5. White Labelled Reports

White-label reports are a great tool that minimizes the time and resources you need to develop your marketing campaigns and analysis reports. It will help you in improving your services to stand out in the market of high competition.

6. National Holidays Check

This is another excellent feature that helps you understand the change that you face in your business’s traffic. For example, suppose your business’s primary audience is Canada based, and you encounter any growth in traffic on the 7th of September. In that case, you will get a notification that it might because of the Labor Day in Canada.

Depending on the country of your visitors, you will face charges in the traffic. The National Holidays Check feature helps you distinguish between the traffic change, whether it is your marketing campaign or any holiday.

7. One Place for Everything

In a nutshell, StatsGlitch is a complete platform with all necessary features that an analytics expert needs to improve the business profile and conversion rate. You don’t have to wait for any opportunity. With this tool, you can grab every chance to show the potential of your business.

StatsGlitch Pricing Plans

StatsGlitch offers three different pricing plans with different sets of features and pricing as well. Moreover, these three pricing plans are designed for other businesses depending on their levels to meet their expectations and needs.

All these plans come with uniquely powerful features that help a business grow rapidly with sustainable development.

StatsGlitch Review - StatsGlitch Pricing Plan
StatsGlitch Pricing Plans

Business Plan

The Business Plan of StatsGlitch comes with advanced Analytics features specially designed for the growth of businesses. These features will help you in keeping alert about every strategy that you use.

Moreover, you will be able to keep track of your business’s traffic and get powerful insights. The dominant features of this plan include

  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Slack and Zapier integrations


The pricing of the Business Plan of StatsGlitch is $29.99 per month.

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Agency Plan

The Agency plan is specially designed for large scale businesses and agencies that need more features to get better results. This plan gives them full versatility over all-features to keep track of their performance effectively.

These features are specially designed for agencies with multiple projects and clients. The dominant features of this plan include

  • All From Business
  • Reports White-Labeling
  • Three Times more Alerts Agents
  • More than Ten Google Accounts


The pricing of the Agency Plan of StatsGlitch is $59.99 per month. It is the best plan offered by StatsGlitch. Let’s try it out.

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Enterprise Plan

In this plan, you will get access to those unique and powerful tools specially designed for high or large volume businesses and enterprises. These tools help large companies in sustainable growth while monitoring their analytics records easily in less time.

This one-in-all analytics plan helps you in real-time monitoring of your business analytics with a detailed report to understand the cause of change clearly.

The dominant features of this plan are

  • Managed Accounts
  • Hundreds of Alert agents
  • One on one onboarding and priority reports


The pricing of the Enterprise Plan of StatsGlitch is $499+ per month. It is perfect for large scale businesses and comes with exciting features to grow online.

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Who Is This For?

Stats Glitch is an all-in-one platform that helps you monitor your business analytics in a comfortable and time-saving way. The real-time monitoring of your business analytics reduces the heftiness of regular checking of your analytics dashboards.

Depending on the features it offers everyone in the online business industry needs this tool including

  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers and Website Owners
  • E-Commerce Website Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Analytics Experts
  • SEO Experts
  • Startups

How StatsGlitch is Different from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the well renowned Analytics tools that is being used by almost every online business owner and entrepreneur. But when it comes to real-time monitoring, we can’t save our time while using G-Analytics. This is where we need a powerful tool that can keep us updated about every change that you face in your online business.

This is where we need StatsGlitch that has changed the whole perspective of business analytics. With StatsGlitch

  • You don’t have to wait for any change in your marketing campaign while looking at the analytics dashboard.
  • You don’t have to worry about the cause that made the change in your business or website performance.

This is because of the full set of updated features needed by entrepreneurs of this drastically changing world.

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What can you do with StatsGlitch?

Indeed, StatsGlitch gives you the versatility of using a wide range of exciting features with which you can,

  • Keep Track of Your Goals

You can track your performance by a quick overview of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Updates on Traffic Spikes

You will get notified about any change in your business’s traffic volume by setting up the real-time traffic alerts to give you the full advantage.

  • Link Building Strategies

You will be able to get notifications about any change in your traffic after becoming a website partner. This will make it clear to you about how much traffic they are sending on your way. This way, you will be able to understand which brand or website is beneficial for you.

  • Sales and Referrals Trackings

You will be able to track the traffic your partners are sending on your way with referrals alerts. Additionally, you can set Sales Alerts for your e-Commerce platform, keeping track of how your sales grow or lower in case of any change.

  • Weekly Client Summary

Aside from the alerts and notifications, you will have a customizable report dashboard with full control on adding your agency name and logo, text translation, with real-world examples. Moreover, you can send the report to your customers or clients without any hassle.

Final Verdict

StatsGlitch is the perfect partner of data analysis experts, helping them understand how their business grows. Moreover, it helps people in understanding about the marketing strategies they use to grow their business online.

In a nutshell, StatsGlitch is the best platform that helps you in real-time monitoring of your Business analytics to keep growing your business.

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