Kirim Email Review – Simplify email marketing and reach the right audiences
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Kirim Email Review – Simplify email marketing and reach the right audiences

Are you looking for a platform that can simplify email marketing and make sure your emails reach the right person? is what you need. Click here to know more.
Kirim Email Review – Simplify email marketing and reach the right audiences

In this digital age, email marketing is an inseparable part of any business. Email marketing allows the owners to fine-tune the experience of their customers and audience. If you own an online store, definitely you know how hard it is to generate viable leads.

Email marketing is a great — in fact, one of the best — ways of generating leads and hooking them on to the business for good. It leads to extremely high ROI, but it must be done right first.

There’s a big chance that the emails you send will end up in the spams, and you don’t want that. However, getting a good email-marketing platform can solve this place.

With, you can make sure that your emails reach the people you want to reach, and it comes with a lot of other features as well. Today, we’ll take a look at these features.

How Does Stand Out?

A lot of business owners face a common problem when it comes to email marketing; that is, you’ll see an exponential growth of your subscriber base, and the bills will skyrocket as well.

However, the potential revenue influx will remain more or less the same, and it might even reduce by a considerable amount.

This phenomenon happens when your subscribers open more than one ID and subscribe to your mailing list. In such cases, you end up sending multiple emails to the same person, which only increases the cash you must pay. is an email marketing platform that can help you get rid of such problems. It not only optimizes your marketing list, but it also offers various marketing tools that will help you increase engagement with your customers.

Here, we’ll talk about the features of that’ll help you stand out in the marketplace!

Zombie Emails

As mentioned earlier, there might be emails in your marketing list that aren’t used anymore, that are duplicates, bots, or simply spams. A person or even an entire team can’t keep tabs on a great many emails, and that’s where comes in. is an amazing platform that will take care of the zombie emails for you, and it will do so with efficiency. Ultimately, your bills will reduce, increasing the efficiency of your marketing list.

Built-in Validation System

Kirim Review

With, you don’t have to pay an extra premium for getting email validation, as that will be built into your email marketing system. This amazing system allows you to pay less while getting all the features you need!

Landing Page

Building a great landing page is the key to launching a great business, but a lot of people are often restricted in this sector due to a lack of coding skills or capital that they would have had to pay the website developers.

With, you can create the landing pages on your own, and you don’t need any idea about coding. It features a drag-and-drop method that allows the user to use elements from the templates provided.

There are a variety of templates, and they are crafted in a way that they will make your user’s experiences better.

Plus, the emails provided by your subscribers will get validated automatically, and you need not spend any extra time doing so yourself.

Easy to Use Interface

Unlike many marketing platforms, offers an easy-to-use interface, and even people who have no experience with building landing pages can easily build one with the user-friendly interface. The elements will always be at your hands’ reach, and you won’t face any problem finding them out.

Viral Campaign

They say that the best marketing method is the words of someone you know and trust. took this teaching seriously and made sure that you could implement it too.

With their Viral campaign feature, your subscribers can share your link! This is a great way of getting free shares, whereas you’d have to pay the influencers for marketing.

Such a method not only increases your conversion rates, but it saves a lot of cash as well.

But how can you get your audience to share your link? The answer is a Viral contest. This is another feature that allows you to set up a contest, and the subscribers with the maximum shares will be rewarded.

Not only can you set up the time during which the contest will be live, but you can add share buttons, forms, and rules.

Kirim.Email Integration

You can integrate Google sheets in your account. This will allow you to add emails to your list more easily, as each mail you add to the sheets will be added to the list automatically! Not only that, but it’ll get validated as well!

Other than that, you can integrate WordPress, Telegram, Elementor, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Forms, and Thrive Builder with without any coding! This will allow you to use the features doesn’t offer, with the least hassle.

Amazing On-the-go Pricing

Kirim Email Pricing Plan

The best thing about is probably its pricing plans. It features on-the-go pricing that frees users from paying recurring fees. Yes, you don’t need to pay every month!

There’s only one subscription plan, and you have to pay only $35 for every 35,000 emails sent or verified! This is a great way of avoiding extra charges, as you don’t have to pay for emails that aren’t verified.

No matter whether you use single opt-in forms or double ones, you have to pay the same amount. Not only that, but there also won’t be any features restriction at all!

That’s why we consider this pricing to be one of the best!

Bottom Line

As you can see, you’ll get a lot of amazing features with for very reasonable pricing. So, we highly recommend that you give this platform a spin, and you’ll come to like it for sure!

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