Struggle with integrations for your business? — Integromat Review
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Struggle with integrations for your business? — Integromat Review

If you are in the market for automating workflows without going into the hassle of coding, check out our review on Integromat. You’re likely to find it useful!
Struggle with integrations for your business? — Integromat Review

Online workflows are quite difficult to manage if you don’t have the right tools. Over my time working in the digital workspace, I have come across several automation tools that have made things much simpler. One noteworthy solution among them is Integromat. I have decided to leverage my experience and share what I know about the platform in this Integromat review. Read ahead to know all about it!

What is Integromat?

A cloud-based automation platform, Integromat is designed to provide you codeless integration to automate your digital workflow as well as connect several powerful apps to serve its purpose. The platform helps you automate processes that you’re currently handling manually and makes your job much easier. Needless to say, you can save a lot of time and gain much efficiency with Integromat.

The platform helps you to create complex processes by integrating several systems and apps to get your work done. It is highly customizable. There are various tools that you can make use of including execution scheduling, full logging of operations, automated error detection and handling, scenario templates, and so much more.

The automation solution gives you full control of your workflow. You can easily choose between a simple integration and a robust one. How many apps you want to connect is up to you. You can even choose any combination of apps, whatever serves your purpose. The platform is obviously quite flexible and is very easy to use. It requires no coding, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to work your way around it.

The platform supports only one language - English. It is available in several countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China, and more.


  • Superb Visualization

Integromat offers an interactive approach to your workflow. You can visualize and watch how your automation is being executed, that too in real-time!

  • Detailed Information on Execution

All your operations and executions are being logged using this solution. You can watch over your data - keep track of which data is being processed and when.

  • Process Previous Data

Integromat allows you to process the data you were working on previously. You can choose to retrieve old data or begin working with new ones - the solution offers much flexibility. And if you want to set up Integromat without retaining any data, all you have to do is disable the logging feature; the solution offers full discretion to users.

  • Error handlers

Now, this is a unique feature exclusively offered by Integromat. It allows you to identify and immediately deal with any irregularities in your data. You can set up an error handler route on this solution using custom logic, and the route will deal with any exception that occurs in your workspace.

  • App integration

You can connect almost any app with your Integromat solution. You can have a number of neutral apps at your disposal thanks to HTTP and JSON modules - that too, without having to write a single code.

  • Templates

Integromat offers over 1500 templates that are ready to be used right off the bat. They will even help you with the initial setup.

  • Scheduling

Setting up execution schedules as per your need is also made very easy with Integromat. You can pre-plan your scenario executions to the minute.

Pricing Plans

Integromat Review
Integromat Pricing Plan

Besides the free version, there are five pricing plans in Integromat. They are:

  • Free plan - $0 per month

Offers 1,000 operations along with 100 MB data transfer and 15 minutes minimum interval.

  • Basic Plan - $9 per month

The basic plan offers 10,000 operations along with 1 GB data transfer and 5 minutes minimum interval.

  • Standard Plan - $29 per month

The Standard plan offers 40,000 operations along with 20 GB data transfer and 1-minute minimum interval.

  • Business Plan - $99 per month

The basic plan offers 150,000 operations along with 70 GB data transfer and 1-minute minimum interval.

  • Platinum Plan - $299 per month

The basic plan offers 800,000 operations along with 220 GB data transfer and 1-minute minimum interval.

  • Custom Plan - Price depends on your need

You can choose over 800,000 operations and more than 220 GB of data transfer. The company will offer you a deal if you state your needs.

Zapier Alternative

Integromat makes an excellent alternative to Zapier, and you’re about to find out why.

While Zapier is ahead of Integromat in terms of supported services, Integromat allows you to work with files which are not the case for Zapier.

They both can work with emails, but only Integromat will allow you to work with an unlimited number of email attachments at once. Zapier has a limit on that.

Integromat also offers an unlimited amount of data storage, while Zapier has a limited storage amount.

With Zapier you will also be limited in the number of routers you can setup, while Integromat offers unlimited numbers of routers.

Most Integromat plans offer a minimum of 1-minute interval between runs, which is 5 minutes minimum interval in case of Zapier.

With all these factors at play, we believe that Integromat makes an incredible choice if you are looking to automate your workflow.

Why Integromat Will Benefit Your Organization

Optimizing your workflow is not the easiest thing you’ll have to do during your time at the digital workspace. It is rather difficult, and there are so many factors that are at play.

We believe that Integromat will be particularly helpful for your organization as it makes connecting between various apps, devices, and services much easier. It's easy to navigate, the drag-and-drop interface will help you save a ton of time!

Bottom Line

In this Integromat review, we took a close look at what the platform brings on the table. It offers a handful of exclusive features at a reasonable price. If you think that it might be a good choice for your business or organization, be sure to check it out.

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