CloudCone Review: All You Need To Know
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CloudCone Review: All You Need To Know

Looking for a reliable hosting provider for your website? You are in the right place! With CloudCone, you can have the most secure web hosting.
CloudCone Review: All You Need To Know

CloudCone isn’t just a hosting provider it provides backup and security for websites. It features all the necessary functions a quality web hosting provider should have to ensure quality hosting of your site.

This web hosting company uses numerous servers to ensure that your website always stays online, it rapidly transfers network operations to its backup system during network downtime. CloudCone comes with special security features to prevent your website from any malware, spam links, or hackings.

What is Web Hosting?

In case you're anticipating to make a website, dependable web hosting is the most vital part. Every website requires a hosting provider to connect with everyone on the internet, in short, a domain is nothing without web hosting.

Purchasing or sharing a server to store a website’s code, images, and content is referred to as web hosting. Basically, at the point when somebody types in your web address in the search engine, their PC associates through the web to the server holding your site’s storage. Hosting providers have connectivity, servers, security, and related administrations to host sites.

What Features Does CloudCone Offer?

CloudCone has all the significant features to ensure top-notch hosting for your websites. Have a look!

CloudCone Review - CloudCone Features
CloudCone Features for a cloud VPS

#1 - Snapshots

CloudCone has enabled an automatic snapshot system to record the status of the virtual server your website is hosted on. Continuous snapshots are also very convenient for a fast and easy to back up of the contents of the site. You’ll have to pay some additional dollar per gigabyte of snapshots taken.

#2 - Automatic Backups

Hosting on CloudCone runs on multiple servers to prevent any data loss due to any server malfunction. With its smart technology, your website will never go offline and your data will always remain secure. This is my favorite feature, the backup is DAILY process (max 3 rotates), not weekly like DigitalOcean hosting.

#3 - Hourly Billing

Billing while your server is online is one of the unique features CloudCone offers, compared to other hosting providers. You can make your server offline during idle hours to save some extra cash. Pricing starting from $0.0049 per hour, it is one of the most cost-effective web hosting companies.

#4 - Fast Response Time

CloudCone has top-tier performance, fully controlled cloud servers for fast response time. Its fully dedicated server for your website will increase your website’s response time.

#5 - Cloud Firewall

CloudCone comes equipped with a cloud firewall, which controls traffic to guarantee that your website stays safe from any malicious traffic and spam links. However, you have to activate the cloud firewall manually, otherwise you will leave the server open for all malignant traffic.

#6 - Complete Root Access

It offers full root access of its servers to its users so that everyone can reboot and scale their servers remotely. It is a very convenient feature for web developers who have to travel frequently.

#7 - Operating System Reinstallation

In web hosting, the operating system can be damaged due to any malware and immediate re-installation is required for the smooth operation of servers. With this web hosting provider, you can immediately reboot your server and set up a new operating system to run smoothly.

#8 - Storage Space

The storage space of CloudCone’s plans start at 20 GB, which is pretty high for a server's file storage. The best part is, you can choose the storage space you need and you can type in any number and you will be provided with a price.

#9 - Money Back Policy

CloudCone offers a 7 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

#10 - Customer Support

This hosting provider offers 24/7 customer support through live chat or help center. You can meet all your queries with their extremely friendly customer support team.

What are CloudCone’s Hosting Plans?

Getting the right hosting plan will mean the correct allotment to ensure fast loading speed for your users. A perfect web hosting plan is essential to run a website smoothly.

CloudCone has numerous plans for all sorts of users and websites. Apart from the fixed plans, you can also create a plan of your own. You can choose any one of them according to your budget and your website’s requirement. Read on to know all about the various plans they offer.

Let’s get started!

CloudCone Pricing Plans
CloudCone Pricing Plans

Starter Plan

The starter plan is basically for those websites that have little to no traffic and just started posting content. This pack can be extremely convenient for new websites since they don’t need professional-grade servers. The starter pack starts from $3.71 per month at a rate of $0.00498 per hour and it comes with 20 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, and 3 TB Bandwidth. It's the amazing price for a cloud stable VPS, honestly.

Take a look

Standard Plan

The standard plan can run a mid-level website pretty much without any issues. It starts from $6.38 at a rate of $0.00857 per hour. This pack provides fast loading times as it features 2 GB RAM, 3 TB Bandwidth, and 50 GB storage.

Basic Plan

The basic plan and standard plan are pretty much similar. The only differences are an additional 10 GB storage, and 1 GB RAM, which is a win-win situation with only a raise of approximately $1.5 from the standard plan.

Professional Plan

This plan is for websites that have a minimum of 1000 views on a regular basis. At a rate of $0.03949 per hour, you can have a whopping 160 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, and 4 vCPU cores for extremely fast response time.

Premium Plan

Featuring 8vCPU Cores, with the premium plan you will have the fastest response time for your website. It comes equipped with 16 GB RAM and 320  GB storage to ensure your server runs smoothly.

Final Words

From beginner level sites to professional-grade sites, CloudCone can be the ideal web hosting provider for all. Its servers run without any interruption and save websites from any malware. We hope after reading this article you have a better idea about it and it meets all your hosting needs.

P/S: CloudCone have also native mobile apps for Android and iOS that work truly well to monitor the servers or deploy instances on the go.

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